Gardener Diary - October
Gardener Diary - October

The month is dedicated to general cleaning - outside and inside the house - and preparing our garden for winter.

So, our work in the garden and in our flower beds for this month is:

Although the wind can be a problem, we collect as much as we can the fallen leaves, which in combination with the humidity create the most suitable conditions for harmful insects and diseases.
We clean the flower beds and strengthen the soil with manure in the places where we want to plant our spring plants, so that the soil is ready by then.
We remove from the soil summer flowering bulbs and annual plants that have completed their cycle. After collecting the seeds, store them in a dry and warm place.
We increase the fertilization of our flowers and plants, as the temperature begins to fall more and more.
As for the pots we have inside and outside our house:

We clean the dried flowers and the water from the saucers very well, as the rise of humidity is ideal for the development of harmful insects and diseases.
Check the soil in the pots and water accordingly. We pay enough attention to the amount of water so that we neither rot nor dry them.
We are slowly preparing the plants we have on our balcony for their return indoors.
We plant annual or biennial winter and spring flowering plants, such as carnations, chrysanthemums, daisies.
October Tips:

The fallen leaves these days can be collected in a "mountain" at one end of our garden. By spring, we will have ready fertilizer for our plants.
We write our perennial plants on small labels and place them in the place where they are planted. That way we know where everyone is, and there is no risk of uprooting anyone.
In our succulents and cacti, we start diluting the watering until it stops completely by the end of the month. As their vegetative growth stops in winter, we stop both watering and fertilizing.