Gardener Diary - November
Gardener Diary - November

The temperature gradually begins to fall and the first rains appear slowly, making the presence of winter noticeable. November is the ideal month to complete any work in our garden, to clean it with our pots and to prepare for the winter climate.

The main tasks we can do this month in our garden:

We collect fallen leaves and clean the soil as best we can, in order to prevent the creation of an ideal environment for the growth of fungi and harmful insects, which multiply due to moisture.
We complete transplants of plants and trees, as the cold of winter is prohibitive for any new addition to our garden. Any seeds and bulbs of summer flowering that are left over, we store them for the next use. Once the bulbs are dry, store them in a paper bag with sawdust so that they do not touch each other. A dry and cool place of the warehouse or house is the ideal storage place.
This month we increase the fertilization of all plants, as the lower the temperature, the lower their fertilization. If we do not have enough fertilizer, we supplement the fertilization of plants with coffee grounds: rich in nitrogen, containing calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper and other minerals that enhance plant growth.
Now that the rainfall makes its presence felt, we reduce the frequency of watering, without omitting, however, the necessary water to our plants. Due to the rains, we do not forget to cover the ground with the special protection cover to avoid the rapid growth of weeds and the undesirable appearance of plants for snails.
Also, do not forget that along with winter comes the strong wind. That is why we take care of the support of the weakest plants or trees, in order to help them cope with the difficult conditions of winter.
In addition to our garden, there are several potted plants placed in different places. We do not forget to give them the necessary care to properly receive the winter:

Due to the change of weather and as the light is less, we move near the windows the plants that need more light. Otherwise, we can raise the awnings or the shutters to let more light into the house for both the plants and us!
We try as much as we can to empty the dishes from the pots and to wash the leaves well, in order to reduce the spread of insects and diseases.
The main advice of this month is not to be disappointed by this "hazy" image we see in our garden, in contrast to the vivid colors of summer. Brown and green are the main colors that dominate this season and are a sign that our garden is healthy and properly follows the cycle of the seasons.

November TIPS:

Cyclamen are the flowers of the month! We can find them in different colors and sizes, to plant them in our garden or in pots. Be careful with watering, as too much water hides the risk of root rot.
If we have decorative led lights in our garden, then we collect them, clean them and store them for next summer. Rainfall will spoil the lights, while the sun is not bright enough to illuminate the night, which due to cold we do not sit outside.