Gardener Diary - May
Gardener Diary - May

May, although it is the last month of spring, is also the most beautiful month for our garden! All nature is in bloom and now the flowers and fruits we have planted are beginning to appear.

Although May is characterized by hot days, do not forget that sporadic light rains may occur, which drop the temperature a little, or on the contrary, southerly winds with hot air, which can dehydrate our plants.

For this month, then, our work in the garden is:

We pick the fallen leaves or fruits that fall to the ground and weed them immediately, in order to keep our flower beds as clean as possible. Thus, we remove any outbreaks of diseases and insects.
This month the hot days create the ideal conditions for the first annoying insects, such as meligra. That's why we check our plants very well on the underside of the leaves, in order to detect any insect immediately.
We start to increase the amount and frequency of fertilization, depending on the needs of each plant.
We cut the withered flowers to enhance their flowering, while we plant flower seeds and vegetables directly in the soil.
Of course, we do not forget our potted plants inside and outside the house:

The plants that we put inside the house due to the winter, we gradually start to transfer them outside to the balcony or in the yard. When this process is done slowly, without haste, then the risk of "burning" the leaves of the plant from the sun decreases.
We plant seeds and change pots where necessary, before the great heat of summer catches up.
We cut the withered flowers to enhance their flowering, while we prune the plants that have grown unevenly so that they look more "full".
Now that the weather is warming up and the doors of the house are open longer, we do not forget to clean the leaves from the dust with a slightly damp cloth.
May is the ideal month to work in the garden and prepare for summer, without being bothered by the cold of winter or the hot summer sun. Apart from our gardening work, however, we do not forget to enjoy our afternoon coffee in the garden or on the terrace overlooking our spring landscape.

Good month!