Gardener Diary - March
Gardener Diary - March

The first month of spring is just on our doorstep and our spring gardening work officially begins, weather permitting! Although the first buds are ready to bloom, we must not forget that the weather is still unpredictable with a little more cold or a little more rain.

In addition to the plans for our new garden, we remember the valuable notes in our diary and start with our most basic task for this month: planting! Apart from that, let's look at what we need to do in a little more detail.

In our garden this month mainly:

We carefully clean our flower beds from fallen leaves and fruits, as well as our own plants with water. It is very important to be meticulous in cleaning, so that, as we have already mentioned in the past, we remove the sources of disease and insects. Do not forget to clean trees and shrubs from broken and damaged branches.
On the first sunny day, dig the soil well - especially in dry areas - and add manure or sand where needed for good drainage. In this way we prepare and renew our soil, which will welcome our new plants and flowers.
If we have flowers for planting, but the rain is heavy, it is better to plant them first in pots and later to transfer them to our flower beds. We do not forget to take a walk through the nurseries and learn about their new arrivals. More and more with a new plant we will return home!
Due to the heavy rainfall, we carefully observe our garden for any "moisture". Before starting any renovation, it is good to identify the places where the water stagnates, in order to improve the drainage of the soil with special grooves.
The care for our flowers in pots is similar:

We thoroughly clean our plants with water and the pots with their saucers. We also take care of any outbreaks of disease and insects and cut any broken or damaged branches.
We plant new flowers and renew our pots where needed. If a plant has flowers, we do not change the pot, as there is a risk of destroying it.
As the weather starts to get warmer, we move the pots that we had moved in the winter inside the house, outside to their old place. Of course we do not forget to take out the Christmas poinsettia and cyclamen and prune them.
In addition to soil renewal, we also start fertilizing using small doses at the beginning, which we gradually increase to the normal dose around the beginning of May.
The sun this month fills us with mood and appetite! We leave behind the haze of winter and prepare to welcome the most colorful season of our garden. It's time to do everything we planned this winter!

Have a nice spring!

March TIPS:

If March is also the month of general cleaning of the house, then we do not forget to clean our fireplace! If the ash that has been collected is plentiful, then we pick it up and throw it away… around the roots of our fruit trees. The taste of the fruit will become sweeter!
Before we plant our vegetables this year, let's ask ourselves where we planted them last year. The more times we plant the vegetables in the same place, the more we bother our soil with the result that we do not see any development… That is why we regularly change the position of our vegetables (each, at most two years), so that the soil manages to rest and renew.