Gardener Diary - June
Gardener Diary - June

Summer has arrived for good and the first warm days of June wake us up for walks on the beach! But before we start our summer getaways, it is good to organize our basic work in the garden, and especially its ever-increasing need for water.

These days we enjoy fresh flowers for a while longer, while we start to increase the frequency and amount of watering. Our work in the garden this month is almost the last, as it decreases over the next two months.

In the first days of June, we wear our hat in the garden and:

We collect fallen leaves and clean our flower beds as much as possible. The heat and drought of these days create the right conditions for annoying insects to grow (such as aphids / aphids, granules), but also the harmful nightshade.
We do not forget to cut the withered flowers to increase the flowering of our plants.
We complete the pruning for as many trees and plants as needed, before the hottest days of summer begin.
And of course it is the ideal time to plant summer vegetables directly in our garden, such as peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, zucchini and beans or potatoes.
Of course, we do not forget our potted plants inside and outside the house:

We start watering our plants more often, while controlling the soil moisture in the pot.
Thoroughly clean the pots from fallen leaves and pests, to avoid the growth of blackflies or other insects harmful to the plant.
We clean plants and flowers from withered flowers and prune where needed, before the weather warms up for good. Do not forget to dust the leaves of plants near doors or balcony doors.
Now that we are starting to use air conditioners more, it is good to remove the plants in the places where the wind "hits". The same goes for the pots that are located in very sunny parts of our garden or terrace.
June is probably the transition month from spring to summer. We pay a lot of attention to the cleanliness and watering of our flower beds, which will rest for the next two months, June and July.

Happy Summer!

June TIPS:

If our air conditioner has a humidification function, it is good to choose it. It is beneficial for both our plants and us!
If you get your hands on carpentry, make beautiful pergolas or awnings to protect your plants from the strong and hot summer sun. You will also create a beautiful shady corner to enjoy your afternoon coffee.
To reduce the possibility of the appearance of the nightshade, which is intense these days mainly in roses and jasmine, clean the plant from fallen leaves and weeds. Also, remember to spray your plant every day to increase humidity.