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Gardener Diary - July
Gardener Diary - July

July is the hottest month of summer and with us, our plants warm up! This month our gardening work focuses mainly on watering and good cleaning of our flower beds. If we are planning our summer vacation, July is the best month to finally put on the automatic watering we had in mind for the winter.

Due to the high temperatures, our gardening work should be done early in the morning or late in the afternoon, to avoid the hot sun and sunbathing. Our garden work this month:

We clean our flower beds very carefully, in order to reduce the creation of a source of harmful insects. Due to the hot and dry atmosphere, harmful insects appear more easily (meligra, blackleg, caterpillars).
We cut the withered flowers, in order to enhance the flowering of the flowers that bloom this season.
We do not do deep pruning this season on trees and climbing plants.
We take care of both the amount and the frequency of watering our plants. We install automatic watering and always in consultation with a friendly person, we make sure that our plants are watered when we will be absent for our summer holidays.
Of course we do not forget our plants in pots:

We move the plants where needed and keep a shade on our balcony with the awnings, in order to protect our flowers from the warm rays of the nail.
Water more often and spray with water, especially early in the morning or in the afternoon, when the sun does not "see" them.
We clean the pots and saucers, in order to remove any sources of harmful insects.
We prune the withered flowers and cut the edges of our aromatic plants, in order to enhance their flowering.
July is the month of cleaning and watering. That is why we take special care with our plants and flowers.

And most important of all? We do not forget the cool water in your plants, which they and we need this month a lot!

Good bathrooms!

July TIPS:

In case we find blackleg (mainly in roses and jasmine), we remove it as much as possible from the rest and spray the plant with water mainly at noon. In case the night owl insists, contact us to solve your problem.
If we have air conditioning in the house, we make sure that the plants inside are not "hit" by the cold air. Sudden changes in heat and cold can have detrimental effects.
July is a good month to keep our notes in the gardener's diary. We note the dates when the annual plants bloomed, when we sowed the vegetables, in which part of the garden we planted seeds and all the necessary information that we will need to study next winter.