Gardener Diary - January
Gardener Diary - January

Our garden welcomes the first month of the new year with cold, rain and in the higher areas with snow. The weather does not favor our gardening, but it certainly gives us the time we need to prepare for spring and summer. The plants remain in a period of rest and rejuvenation.

The work we need to do in our garden in January is summarized below:

We control the watering and fertilizing of our plants in the flower beds, according to the weather conditions. Usually because the automatic watering is turned off, we check the plants that are not completely exposed to the rain. We do not forget to water as much as we should!
Due to the weather conditions, we protect our plants, and especially the trees, from the snow and consequently from the frost. For this purpose we use antifreeze fabric, covering the crown of each plant and especially the new vegetation, if any.
We do not neglect to prune trees and plants where needed. We pay special attention to the trees that have been injured by the weight of the snow. We also check the supports on young trees and sensitive plants to protect them from strong winds.
We do not forget to see our bulbs that we have stored or planted in the fall. We choose our new seeds that we will plant in the spring and for those in a hurry it is the month to start sowing in the beds of various annuals, both ornamental and horticultural.
Our pots also need our attention:

We check the humidity condition mainly on the saucers, because they often hold water from the rain and the roots of the plants are in danger of rotting. We water where and as needed.
We do not forget the plants indoors, especially in terms of their need for watering and humidity, as heating dries the atmosphere and our spaces are not well ventilated.
We protect our plants by changing the position of the pots, depending on the wind and the rain.
We reduce or stop the fertilization of indoor plants, so that they can rest this month as well.
The little gardening work this month gives us the opportunity to rest with our plants. We organize and clean our equipment, we design our spring garden, we make the necessary purchases to be ready in the coming months. January, like the rest of the winter months, is a month of rest and preparation. Enjoy them!

Happy New Year!

January TIPS:

The cold days of this month are the most ideal to enjoy by our fireplace. But pay attention to the wood we keep inside the house! Many species of insects hide inside them and can transmit diseases to houseplants. A closer look at our plants will protect them from any disease.
Our Christmas presents, such as the poinsettia or the cypress, or even our true Christmas tree, need more cold, as they have suffered a lot from the warmth of the house. We place them outside on the terrace or somewhere in our garden, protected from strong winds and rain. We can transplant them when the right time comes.
We can now boast the first shoots that the seeds we planted have thrown! Hyacinths, cutters and cuttings begin to grow and their tender leaves now need special care from the wind and rain.