Gardener Diary - February
Gardener Diary - February

Although February welcomes us with slightly warmer temperatures and the Alkyonides, we do not forget that the days are still cold and rainy. February is the last month of winter, which gives us the opportunity to get organized and prepare for both spring and March, which can bring low temperatures or even snow.

Still, we have the opportunity to think and design our garden, maintain our tools, procure seeds and pick flowers. Our gardening work is almost the same as in previous months: we clean our garden and pots and prune what is needed.

Specifically in our garden this month:

We thoroughly clean our flower beds from fallen leaves, weeds and anything else that the strong wind has brought, so that diseases and annoying insects do not develop.
On days with less air and more heat, we clean our plants thoroughly with the rubber, in order to remove any insect eggs that may have grown from the rain and cold. We also dig the soil and add fertilizer to renew it and prepare it for our new plants.
We do not neglect to prune trees and plants where needed. Pay special attention to climbing and summer shrubs, removing dry or broken shoots. In this way we thin the branches so that the plant breathes better.
We plant our spring bulbs, while controlling the bulbs we have stored for the winter and keeping them healthier.
As for the plants that are in pots, inside or outside the house:

We clean the pots and especially the saucers, in order to remove any insects or outbreaks that cause diseases.
Prune where needed, especially climbing plants and summer flowering shrubs. We do not prune all the flowers and plants that bloom in the spring, as their buds have already formed.
Slowly the plants we have at home begin to show their first shoots. For this we can help them by starting the lubrication in small doses, while we clean their leaves with lukewarm water.
We start planting flower seeds and herbs in small pots, which we keep inside for the first time. This process can be done pleasantly with the children at home.
Gardening this month is small, but it still offers time for both plants and gardeners. Take advantage of the last days of winter to complete the cleaning, organization and preparation of your spring work. March is near, and despite its cold, it will definitely smell like spring!

Good month!

February TIPS:

Maybe this's the chance to start the garden diary you've been thinking about for so long! Make a note of the work to be done, record the plants and flowers you are interested in, paint your garden as you imagine it. The diary is useful so that you can remember, but also observe any changes in the plants and in the garden. You can also take notes on each of your plants or flowers, so you can always remember what is needed and when (such as fertilizer, watering, pruning).
If ants have appeared in your garden and you want to get rid of them, without of course coming to an end, throw talcum powder or vinegar in their nests. The smell will force the ants to move their house, while the vinegar will remove any weeds. Be careful, however, with the amount of vinegar, as it can adversely affect the composition of the soil.
This month we can pick our citrus fruits and various vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce. If we want, we can plant onions, peas and carrots from vegetables, and pansies, anemones, and geraniums.