Gardener Diary - August
Gardener Diary - August

August: the holiday month for both gardeners and our plants! August is the only month of the year with the least gardening.

Those of us who are preparing for summer vacation, take care in various ways to ensure watering our plants during our absence. Those of us who have returned, limit ourselves to just a few gardening tasks, focusing our attention mainly on cleaning and watering plants and flowers.


We water our plants as often as needed, after checking the soil moisture. Do not forget that too much water can rot the plant.
Clean the leaves with strong water to remove dust and insects as often as possible. We also cut withered flowers and leaves to enhance their growth.
We continue to add fertilizer to our plants, while we increase it mainly in chrysanthemums to enhance their flowering in October.
We can pick seeds from flowering flowers and some of our annuals and store them for the season.
For our pots that we have inside and outside the house:

Water as often as needed, after checking the soil moisture.
Clean the leaves as often as possible with water to remove dust and any insects that may be present. Do not forget to cut the withered flowers and leaves.
We fertilize the plants normally when and as needed.
Remove as many plants as their leaves touch the warm windows or the air conditioner "hits" them. Sudden temperature changes can damage our plants.
Our gardening work is few and almost the same for both our garden plants and the plants we have in the pots. August is the ideal month to rest, as September awaits us with a lot of work.

Good month!

August TIPS:

We start cutting the herbs we have in our garden so that they do not bloom. In this way, we enhance the growth of new foliage, not the growth of seeds. If our spices are in abundance, we can dry or freeze them.
Those of us who have grass in our garden this month want mowing and more frequent watering. Watering is best done in the morning, before the sun rises.
We start thinking and designing our autumn garden.